Who we are

“To create a creative COMMON SPACE – through DANCE and therapy – along our VALUES and our disability – for a society of INCLUSION.” 

Our mission is to use art and therapy to create a shared space for all, and to respect both our values and vulnerabilities – for a more inclusive society. 

ARTMAN aims to open up new pathways for both disabled and able-bodied people to learn about themselves, to dance and to experience personal development. Our methods include art, therapy and education.

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In 2018, we received the prestigious Rudolf Laban special price for our achievements in contemporary dance. In 2019, on our 20th anniversary, we were also featured in Fidelio Kult50. We are the only contemporary dance company in Hungary that is composed of both disabled and able-bodied artists. We do not receive statutory funding from state bodies thus we rely mostly on grants and private donations. 

Our association is composed of 15 members, including dancers and therapists. We aim to involve everyone into our artistic work, including those with the highest support needs. Therefore, over the years, we have worked with a diverse group of dancers, including people with a visual impairment, autistic people, people with a physical disability, and people with an intellectual disability etc. We always run mixed groups, where people with different abilities and vulnerabilities can join and work together. Our motto is that we can only create a more inclusive world if we bring down barriers also in our minds. Our long-term vision is to contribute to broader societal changes and challenge stigma through the medium of contemporary dance. 

When we create productions, we strongly build on innovative approaches thus it is hard to align ourselves with one single artistic method. We work on the boundaries of disability and contemporary art – a fact that also impacts on how we operate, for example how we raise funds.

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